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Nissan 4 Wheel Alignment Service

Nissan 4 Wheel Alignment Service Coupon

Wheel Alignment Maintenance

The high-tech Nissan manufacturing process produces cars, trucks, and SUVs that are easy and fun to drive. But all it takes to change that is to bump a curb with your wheel or hit a pothole. The result is a vehicle that is hard to control and certainly isn’t enjoyable to drive. Fortunately, a four-wheel alignment service is often all it takes to correct the condition. If it’s time to get your steering or handling back up to snuff, Rolling Hills Nissan in St. Joseph, MO can do it for you.

Signs Your Wheel Alignment is Out

Wondering if your Nissan Juke, Pathfinder, Sentra, Altima, or Titan needs a wheel alignment? Here are some common symptoms.

  • The steering wheel pulls to the left or right when you’re driving on a straight path.
  • When you’re driving straight, the steering wheel is off center.
  • Your Nissan is hard to control when you drive over a bump or dip in the road.
  • The tires are wearing unevenly or prematurely.
  • Your steering feels tighter or looser than normal.

Improper wheel alignment isn’t just annoying – it can also contribute to expensive repairs that wouldn’t otherwise be necessary, and it can make your vehicle unsafe to drive.

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How It’s Done

A four-wheel alignment is an important part of your vehicle care, and Rolling Hills Nissan is happy to take care of it for you. A factory-trained technician checks your vehicle’s wheel alignment and verifies your concern. Using high-quality, computerized equipment and laser targets, the technician makes steering and suspension adjustments to restore your Nissan’s alignment to exact factory specifications.

It’s important to have your four-wheel alignment performed if symptoms are present, or when tire replacement or steering and suspension repairs are performed.

When you choose Rolling Hills Nissan as your servicing dealer, we can trust that we’ll look after you, our customer, as well as your vehicle. Expect honest, courteous service from our expert service team and a comfortable environment to wait for your vehicle. Our customer lounge is well-stocked with fresh-baked cookies, Keurig coffee, and other snacks and beverages, not to mention free Wi-Fi.

For your Nissan four-wheel alignment service, routine maintenance and repairs, in St. Joseph, MO and beyond, we’re happy you’ve chosen Rolling Hills Nissan.

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