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Nissan Cooling System Service

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Cooling System Maintenance

It’s one of your Nissan’s systems that work behind the scenes, but it’s vital to your vehicle’s operation. Your Nissan’s cooling system does way more than just prevent your engine from overheating, and it’s important to keep it working at its best. While less frequent than an engine oil change or tire rotation, cooling system service is part of your Nissan’s regularly scheduled maintenance. In St. Joseph, MO, the car care experts at Rolling Hills Nissan are the best choice for all your servicing and repairs

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What the Cooling System Does

Perhaps the least recognized system for your Nissan’s health, the cooling system serves many functions. It:

  • Prevents the engine from overheating, hence the term ‘cooling system’.
  • Carries hot coolant to your vehicle’s cabin to heat your interior.
  • Ensures a consistent optimum engine temperature to reduce emissions.
  • Prevents engine damage in freezing temperatures.

Coolant or antifreeze circulates through the engine thanks to the water pump, moving hot coolant to the radiator where heat is dispersed into the atmosphere. Over time, engine coolant becomes acidic and can form deposits on internal parts like the thermostat, the water pump, inside the radiator, and other critical points. These deposits can restrict flow, cause seals to leak, or contribute to overheating, and that’s bad news.

Cooling System Service at Rolling Hills Nissan

The good news is this: a routine cooling system service at Rolling Hills Nissan is all it takes to maintain a healthy cooling system! When it comes due in your maintenance schedule, a factory trained technician will get your Nissan Pathfinder, Rogue, Versa, Murano, or Maxima’s cooling system back to top shape.

After a thorough cooling system inspection, the certified technician performs a complete coolant exchange using factory-approved equipment. Your cooling system is flushed and refilled using the precise coolant that your engine requires.

At Rolling Hills Nissan, we want to earn your trust. You’ll appreciate our thoughtful, friendly service staff who work hard to ensure your satisfaction. Enjoy the complimentary fresh baked cookies, Keurig coffee and refreshments, and free Wi-Fi in the customer lounge while you wait, or let us take you home in our speedy shuttle service.

Serving St, Joseph, Savannah, Dearborn, and the surrounding areas with expert Nissan service, we’re so happy you’ve chosen Rolling Hills Nissan as your dealership for your cooling system service.

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