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Nissan Diesel Engine Oil

Nissan manufactures several diesel models including cars, trucks, crossovers, and SUVs. Just like traditional combustion engines, diesel engines also rely on engine oil to keep the moving parts lubricated and the running temperature at the perfect temperature. Not too hot and not too cold, Nissan Diesel Engine Oil helps keep the engine running at the ideal temperature delivering you the best driving experience and maximum fuel efficiency. The only problem with Nissan Diesel Engine Oil is that it will eventually start to lose viscosity, break down, and lose its ability to get its job done of keeping your diesel engine lubricated and cool. If left unattended, broken down diesel engine oil will cause other problems with the worst being engine overheating with the moving parts seizing up under tremendous friction and heat. 

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What are the Warning Signs that your Diesel Engine Oil is Broken Down?

As the engine oil in your Nissan Diesel starts to lose its integrity and breaks down, it will begin to tell you about it with warning signs that you need a Nissan Diesel Oil Change & Fuel Filter Replacement Service. Fuel Filter Replacement is always an excellent idea for diesel models as a preventative measure since the maintenance intervals match for engine oil and fuel filter. Nissan Diesel Oil Change & Fuel Filter Replacement is a great way to save some money on overall vehicle maintenance costs. At Rolling Hills Nissan, we recommend monitoring your diesel engine for these warning signs that your engine oil is starting to break down: 

  • Ticking engine noise 
  • Dark, dirty, or gritty engine oil 
  • You have driven beyond the recommended oil change interval 
  • Check engine light is on 
  • Oil change indicator light is on 
  • Engine overheating 

Schedule a Nissan Diesel Oil Change & Fuel Filter Replacement Service 

At Rolling Hills Nissan, we have a team of factory trained certified technicians ready to remove your broken down diesel engine oil an filter and replace it with genuine Nissan approved Diesel Engine oil and filter. The service includes fuel filter replacement as needed at the same maintenance interval. Gain peace of mind with your engine oil and fuel filter performance by scheduling a Nissan Diesel Oil Change & Fuel Filter Replacement Service at Rolling Hills Nissan. Rolling Hills Nissan is conveniently located in St. Joseph near Savannah, Dearborn, and Cameron, Missouri. 

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