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Muffler Inspection & Replacement in St. Joseph, MO

Many of us need our cars every day to live our lives. The best way to keep them running is to have routine maintenance and inspections done. One thing that you should have inspected is your muffler, which is part of the exhaust system in your car. The exhaust system decreases the sound your engine makes and route nasty fumes away from your vehicle. Carbon monoxide can escape from your car when the exhaust system isn't functioning properly. The experts at Rolling Hills Nissan will ensure your muffler is functioning properly.

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Why Should I Have A Muffler Inspection And Replacement Done?

Having your muffler and exhaust system inspected and replaced if needed can help you save money. When your catalytic converter is functioning properly, it helps the engine burn fuel efficiently, which will help you save money at the gas pump. Having a properly functioning muffler will ensure you breathe better air. When they are working well, the exhaust system and catalytic converter burn harmful gases before they are ever released into the air. This also helps to reduce smog.

What Happens If I Don't Have A Muffler Inspection And Replacement Done Now?

The exhaust system, including the muffler, catalytic converter, and the exhaust pipe is susceptible to corrosion, heat, and damage. Remember, they are located underneath your car. If you do not have your muffler and exhaust system checked, you may hear loud noises, such as knocking, growling, or banging. You may start to see rust, or your muffle could hang lower than it typically does. You may also have a vibration, or rattling when the vehicle is in idle.

Why Should I Have The Work Done At Rolling Hills Nissan?

The exhaust system is a complex part of your vehicle and the technicians that work on them must have special training, testing equipment, and tools. You can trust the experts at Rolling Hills Nissan to provide you and your car with the best service at the best price. Rolling Hills Nissan services the St. Joseph, Elwood, KS, and Savannah areas of Missouri. In addition to providing top notch service at an affordable price, Rolling Hills Nissan has a comfortable waiting lounge where you can wait for your car. They provide beverages and snacks, along with free WiFi. If you do not want to wait while your car is being serviced, they offer early drop off service, as well as after hours pick up.

Complimentary Service Center Amenities

  • Customer Lounge
  • Flat Screen TVs
  • Refreshments & Snacks
  • WiFi
  • Magazines & Newspapers
  • Fresh Baked Cookies
  • Keurig Drinks
  • Early Bird Drop Off
  • After Hours Drop/Pick Up

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