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Nissan Power Steering System Flush, Fluid Exchange, and Conditioning

Nissan BPower Steering System Flush, Fluid Exchange, and Conditioning Coupon

Power Steering Maintenance

When you’re in the driver’s seat, you can pilot your Nissan with a light hand on the steering wheel. That easy, smooth control is due to your Nissan’s power steering system. And if you want to keep it that way, your power steering will need routine maintenance from time to time, just like other fluid-filled systems in your car, truck, or SUV. At Rolling Hills Nissan in St. Joseph, MO, we’ll keep you moving and problem-free with routine maintenance that includes your scheduled power steering system flush, fluid exchange, and conditioning service.

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Why Power Steering Fluid Maintenance is Necessary

magine your power steering system for a minute. Fluid from the reservoir circulates through the pump, hoses, pow,er steering gear, and back to the reservoir. Constantly under pressure and serving a vital role, the fluid heats up, absorbs moisture, and breaks down from normal wear and tear.

Eventually, your power steering fluid can’t protect the internal parts from corrosion, doesn’t lubricate as well as it did, and needs to be changed. Left undone, it can cause seal leaks, power steering noise, or loss of power steering function.

Those symptoms are all avoidable with one routine maintenance item: a power steering system flush, fluid exchange, and conditioning at Rolling Hills Nissan.

How It’s Done

One of our factory-trained technicians will check your power steering fluid condition and system operation. With the use of Nissan-approved equipment, your vehicle’s power steering fluid is extracted completely, and the system is flushed of all contaminants and particles. New OEM-specification power steering fluid is added along with a power steering conditioner, restoring the system to like new.

Whether it’s for routine maintenance like a power steering system flush, fluid exchange, and conditioning or for repairs to the steering and other systems, Rolling Hills Nissan is here for you. With a complimentary visual inspection on every service visit, we’ll help you stay on top of all your Nissan service needs.

While you’re with us, enjoy our comfortable customer lounge that’s stocked with bottled water, Keurig coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and fresh-baked cookies. For your convenience, log into our free Wi-Fi or relax in front of our HD TVs.

Serving St. Joseph, Cameron, Savannah, Dearborn, and nearby communities in Washington Township, Rolling Hills Nissan is happy to be your choice for maintenance and repairs including power steering system flush, fluid exchange, and conditioning.

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