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Nissan Rear Differential Service

Nissan Rear Differential Service Coupon

Nissan Differential Maintenance

Do you enjoy the power and performance in your Nissan Titan, Armada, or Frontier, equipped with RWD or 4WD? What about the traction and handling your AWD Rogue, Murano, or Pathfinder provides? Your driving pleasure is in part from the role your rear differential plays in the drive train, and you’ll want to keep it working like new.

The routine maintenance schedule includes a rear differential service. And in St. Joseph, MO, there’s no one better to service your Nissan’s rear differential than Rolling Hills Nissan. .

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What the Rear Differential Does

If your Nissan has rear drive wheels, like all RWD, 4WD, and AWD do, then the rear differential’s purpose can’t be overstated. Your engine’s power is sent to the rear wheels via a rotating drive shaft, but it can’t turn the rear wheels just like that. The power has to be redirected 90 degrees so that rotation will make your Nissan move in forward and reverse. Inside the rear differential, a gear set makes those adjustments.

Gear oil inside the differential prevents wear and tear, reduces noise, and prevents the gears from overheating. Moisture, metal filings, and fluid deterioration occur over thousands of miles, and damage can result. Like any other fluid in your Nissan, it needs to be changed from time to time in a rear differential service.

Rear Differential Service at Rolling Hills Nissan

Luckily, a rear differential service is a routine procedure that the service experts at Rolling Hills Nissan can perform for you. One of the certified technicians will inspect your differential fluid condition as well as the rest of your drivetrain. Your old differential fluid is extracted and new fluid, perfectly matched for your vehicle, is filled.

Whether you’re visiting Rolling Hills Nissan for an oil and filter change, a new set of tires, diagnosis on a concern, or a differential service, our promise is to exceed your customer service expectations. Knowledgeable staff will guide you through your maintenance and repair requirements, ensuring you fully understand what’s needed. While you’re here with us, enjoy complimentary coffee, hot chocolate, tea, bottled water, and snacks in our customer lounge, along with free Wi-Fi. We’d be happy to take you home or to work with the professional shuttle service if you’d prefer.

With convenient access from Cameron, Dearborn, Savannah, and St. Joseph, MO, Rolling Hills Nissan is proud to provide honest, competitive repairs and service that include rear differential services.

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