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What is a Nissan Safety Recall Campaign?

Vehicles and roads in the United States are regulated by the Department of Transportation that empowers the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to advance maximum safety for motorists. If the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) or an auto manufacturer find that a vehicle part or a vehicle itself carries a high safety risk, the vehicle can get recalled for a safety recall service that will fix the defective part. More often than not, it is a single vehicular component found to carry an undue risk that requires replacement service with a new part that preserves maximum passenger safety. Whenever a Nissan has an active safety recall, you can rest assured that we will be actively helping our customers correct the defective part at the Nissan Recall Campaign Department. Rolling Hills Nissan is conveniently located in St. Joseph near Savannah, Dearborn, and Cameron, MO.

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Nissan Recall Service in St. Joseph

When Nissan issues a Safety Recall alongside the NHTSA, the recall service is always free of charge to our customers because the defect is no fault of yours. If your Nissan is involved in a safety recall, feel free to contact us or bring your Nissan vehicle to Rolling Hills Nissan for the free recall service that restores your car, truck, van, or SUV to maximum reliability and safety. Recall Service is not something that you want to consider putting off until next week; instead, bring your vehicle in, and we’ll provide the recall service quickly, conveniently, and for free of charge.

How to Know if my Nissan has an Active Safety Recall?

Nissan will send every known Nissan owner a Safety Recall notification letter explaining the defect with instructions on fixing the defect at a reputable Nissan dealership like Rolling Hills Nissan. It is also possible to search Nissan’s Safety Recall Website or the NHTSA’s Recall Website using your vehicle’s unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Your VIN can be located in several places including insurance documents, vehicle purchase records, registration, and on the driver-side dashboard where it meets the windshield. You can also give us a call at Rolling Hills Nissan, and we can tell you if your Nissan has an active safety recall.

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