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Alignment Service

Nissan Wheel Alignment Services in St. Joseph, MO

At Rolling Hills Nissan, we know that every vehicle on the road today benefits from wheel alignment at factory specifications. Three angles define how the tires meet the road. If any of the angles are off, the tire won’t meet the road properly and will experience undesirable wear. Undesirable wear patterns not only wreak havoc on tires, but they will start to reduce driving comfort with the ultimate consequence being compromised safety.


Signs Your Wheels are Misaligned

Wheel alignment has a major influence on how the tires meet the road. When wheel alignment is off, the tires don’t meet the road properly and symptoms of misalignment will usually show up in tire tread wear patterns. As the tires wear rapidly or unevenly, the warning signs will worsen as driving comfort is affected. Here are all of the most common warning signs related to misaligned wheels:

  • Rapid tire tread wear – cupping, balding, or rings on the tread
  • Uneven tread wear – tread wear patterns are different across the tires
  • The steering wheel is crooked but the vehicle drives straight
  • Vehicle drifts or pulls to one side but the steering wheel is straight
  • Tires squealing
Two-Wheel Alignment

Also called a front-end alignment; this service only includes an expert technician and laser-guided alignment equipment. The service focuses on the alignment of the front two wheels only. Since the front wheels face additional steering forces at the front of the vehicle, this service is perfect for vehicles with the front wheel angles misaligned but the rear wheel angles have not been affected.

Four-Wheel Alignment

Includes all four wheels, this service relies on an expert technician and computerized alignment equipment to adjust the camber, caster, and toe back to factory specifications.

Rolling Hills Nissan Wheel Alignment Services

At Rolling Hills Nissan, we provide the two fundamental services that any vehicle might need throughout its service life. If your Nissan car, truck, van, or SUV requires a wheel alignment, we invite you to Rolling Hills Nissan for two or four-wheel alignment to restore peak performance, driving comfort, and safety to your vehicle. Our Nissan Service Department is located conveniently in St. Joseph, MO near Elwood, KS, and Savannah, MO.

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