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Rolling Hills Nissan AWD SYSTEM SERVICES

An all-wheel-drive (AWD) car, truck or van is a great way to get around the Midwest. With four seasons of sometimes extreme weather affecting road conditions all year, your AWD vehicle is a great tool for safe travels. The factory-trained and certified mechanics at Rolling Hills Nissan in St. Joseph, MO, help you keep your car in its best running condition. That includes a full AWD service to make sure all four wheels have the power you need to drive safely. When the roadways are covered in snow or it is pouring rain, it helps to know your AWD system will help maintain traction and keep you driving safely.


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Overall Inspection

We perform a full visual and diagnostic factory service of your AWD system. We check the transaxles, drivetrains, and all related systems for wear and tear and routine maintenance issues. If we find any problems, we have a full selection of OEM parts from Nissan and top-brand aftermarket parts suppliers. That gives you lots of options on pricing while ensuring parts quality remains high. We also rotate and balance your tires, because an AWD system requires it more often than two-wheel-drive systems. When all four wheels give you the power to the ground, AWD service ensures they keep giving you the traction you need when the roads are in less than ideal travel conditions.

AWD Systems Are More Complex 

Your car’s AWD system is more complicated than standard two-wheel-drive systems and requires more maintenance to ensure good use. If you skip maintaining your car’s drive system, one or more of the drive wheels could underperform. That gives reduces fuel economy and makes it harder to maintain traction in poor driving conditions. An AWD service helps to keep all four wheels working as intended and driving you through the deep snows and rainy roadways that often arise in from weather in the Central U.S.


When we think about why our customers choose Nissan, it motivates us at Rolling Hills Nissan to provide the best. Since you chose one of the best vehicles on the road today, it is always an excellent vehicle management strategy to align your vehicle with the best Nissan Service Department. You never want to roll the dice on the maintenance or repair service that you need by getting your Nissan vehicle serviced at a less reputable service center or with an average mechanic. Our Nissan Service Department was explicitly designed to take care of your Nissan car, truck, van, or SUV. Rolling Hills Nissan is conveniently located in St. Joseph near Dearborn, Savannah, and Cameron, Missouri. Some of our most popular services include:



If you have any questions about any of our parts, accessories or services feel free to contact us and check out our parts and service specials too!