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Suspension Service at Rolling Hills Nissan

The suspension system is used in a car to help make the ride softer for the driver and passengers and to help protect the frame and the vital body parts of the car. Suspension can get worn out, it can get damaged, and it may need repair.

The Purpose of Suspension

Suspension in a car is designed to make the ride smoother and to help protect the frame of the car. If the car were rigid, every bump or hole in the road would jar the people in the car and would add stress to the frame which can cause breaking, cracking, and other damage. The frame needs to move and needs to flex to help prevent this type of damage so that you can keep driving and also to help make sure you are not totally uncomfortable while driving. Your suspension is a series of parts that all work together to give your car the right amount of flex and movement so that the frame is protected even if you are driving over things like rocks and potholes.

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What Makes Up a Suspension System?

Your suspension is a range of parts including the shocks, struts, and other parts that all work together to help keep the car moving and keep the car safe. The suspension needs work from time to time, as the car ages, as the car is driven and as the car moves, you might notice that the car drives a bit rougher, it might make noises, and it might make your drive a bit bumpier as well. Suspension service might be an inspection, repair, and even replacement of the parts that are not working well.

Signs Your Vehicle Will Benefit From Suspension Service

Suspension services are not something that all cars are going to need but if you do have a car that is in need of suspension work, you should have it done as quickly as possible. There are several reasons that you might need suspension work on your car. Cars that have driven over big potholes, cars that have gone off the road or been in accidents, or cars that have simply not had suspension work in a while may all be candidates for suspension services.

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Rolling Hills Nissan offers a waiting lounge, refreshments and snacks, as well as wifi. They have after hours pick-up and drop-off at the service center so you can get our car in and out no matter what time of day you are available. They also offer early bird drop-off and service & parts specials.

Complimentary Service Center Amenities

  • Customer Lounge
  • Flat Screen TVs
  • Refreshments & Snacks
  • WiFi
  • Magazines & Newspapers
  • Fresh Baked Cookies
  • Keurig Drinks
  • Early Bird Drop Off
  • After Hours Drop/Pick Up

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