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Tie Rod End Replacement

Tie Rod End Replacement

Nissan Tie Rod End Replacement in St. Joseph, MO

At Rolling Hills Nissan, we provide tie rod end replacement service at our service department. Tie rod ends are usually considered out of sight and out of mind despite how they are necessary every time that you drive. Rest assured, however, that problems with tie rod ends will wreak havoc on your smooth-driving vehicle and will require replacement service if they begin experiencing compromised performance. If your Nissan begins to experience any of the warning signs of a faulty tie rod end, we invite you to our service department for the corrective tie rod replacement service. We are conveniently located in St. Joseph, MO near Elwood, KS and Savannah, MO.

What is a Tie Rod End?

Tie rod ends connect the vehicle’s steering rack to the knuckle at each front wheel. Each tie rod ends comes with an adjusting sleeve positioned between the outer and inner tie rod ends. When turning the steering wheel, the tire rod ends transmit movement though the steering components to make the wheels turn as needed. Since turning corners is a vital vehicle performance objective, faulty tie rod ends require repair quickly to prevent problems with steering safely.

What are the warning signs of a faulty Tie Rod End?

Tie rod ends are simple mechanical components but are uniquely positioned to wreak havoc on steering and suspension performances if faulty performance occurs. We don’t recommend driving on a faulty tie rod nor driving with the symptoms of a defective tie rod due to the safety risks related to compromised steering responsiveness. Here is an overview of the common warning signs related to a faulty tie rod end:

  • Wheels at the front end experience misalignment – since one of the main responsibilities of the tire rod end is to secure steering components, front-end misalignment is a telltale warning sign of faulty tie rod ends.
  • Steering wheel feels shaky or loose – a worn or damaged tie rod end compromises steering and handling components and can make steering the vehicle have a very different feel often described as shaking or looseness.
  • Excessive, rapid, and uneven tire wear – since defective tie rods can cause misalignment, rapid and uneven tire tread wear patterns are a telltale warning sign and can lead to early tire replacement.

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